Why do our customers recommend Optima?

Three words; Quality, Integrity, and  Experience.

Here at Optima we know the solutions and get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our clients rely on our dependable services. With our familiarity of the constantly evolving and upgrading technologies you can rest assured knowing your technical issues will be solved using the optimum solution at a very reasonable cost.

Operating System Install

Restores your computer to original factory settings followed by installation of software updates and drivers. 

New PC Setup & Transfers

Bring in your old and new computer for our transfer package service. We will copy all the user data and settings as well as install the required software to make the new computer resemble the old. We also install updates and customize the setup to meet your needs.

Data Recovery

We have the tools to provide stage one data recovery, to restore data from failing drives or restore lost data at a low cost.

Malware & Virus Removal

When caught early, removal and cleanup of an infected PC is provided at low cost, increasing your computers performance. Protection software is availble for an additional cost.

Data Backup

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Home Network Setup

Optima's experienced technicians can setup your home network, from your home computer to your entertainment center and beyond.

Hardware Replacement

Replacing hardware such as hard drives, RAM, cooling fans, power supplies and more, keeps your computer in good health. Available for laptops and desktops.

Advice & Help

Before shopping for a new computer, printer or tablet, visit Optima and ask our staff your IT questions. Capitalize on our years ofexperience so when you purchase, your technology is right for you

In-Home Support

Optima offers a wide range of in-home support, such as repairs, computer pick-up and computer installation to benefit senior citizens and the handicapped.